How far in advance should I book you?

My diary is open two years in advance, so currently until the end of 2022. However, if you get married on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday between April-Oct I’d advise booking ASAP. Dates can be secured with a small deposit and then that’s you in the diary.




How many people can you do on the wedding morning?

This is all based entirely on your ceremony time, and the time you need to be ready for. I allocate between 45-60 minutes for the Bride, and 30-45 minutes per additional person. 




When would you recommend a trial?

You don’t want to be having trials a year or two in advance. Think how long you have to wait, change your mind, find new ideas, even get a dress. Ideally book your trial for when you have your dress, and a good idea of the type of style you are opting for with hair, makeup, flowers and decor. 1-6 months is ideal. All trials take place on weekdays Tues-Fri, all subject to availability. I do have 60+ Brides a year so these are all bookable online, at your leisure. 




How can I book a trial?

Online, through my book online platforms. This is available on all social media of mine as well as my website.



Do I have to pay for trials?

Of course! It’s around a 1.5 hour appointment using my full kit and trying one look, or two if we have time. If you require additional trials you can always book as many as you feel you need.



Can I book a trial without paying a deposit?

Of course you can. However I do not save dates without a deposit due to high demand. Without saving a date you run the risk of attending a trial and then your date already being fully booked.



Can my bridesmaids have a trial?

Of course if they wish! Anyone can book a trial online.



You did my makeup 4 years ago, has your price increased?

Yes. Like every business worldwide, prices increase. My kit is very expensive and of the best quality on the market. I spend thousands each year on both training and my products, as well as keeping up to date with trends, knowledge, and striving to be the best around. I’m featured in VOGUE, as well as being multi-award winning. My prices reflect my accolades, talent, skill, and service.




Do you travel?

I do for weddings and photoshoots. I travel the UK and Worldwide. I ask any distance of 1.5 hours that accommodation is provided the night before, and flights etc are covered for abroad weddings. For trials, prom makeup, occasion makeups these all take place at my own salon, based in Scunthorpe, North Lincs. 




I need help with my skin on the run up to the wedding?

I offer free consultations for my skin sessions and treatments, and after treatments I can offer advice, product recommendations etc. I can’t however give advice on skin I have not seen, haven’t treated, or without knowing medication, product and skin history. 




How do I choose the type of makeup I would like?

I would advise looking at my previous work, models, brides and all portfolio’s online. I have a facebook, instagram and website filled with beautiful clients and makeup’s, so there is a lot of choice. I’m assuming by booking me, or wanting to book me you love my style- so go for something similar to what I have created! As tempting as it is to see a celebrity image or selfie on Pinterest and want to ask for that exact look replicated, it will never work. Look for Brides with similar hair colour, skin tone etc to yourself. What suits a deeper, more Arabic skin tone you’ve seen on Pinterest for example might not suit a fair skin, pale and blue eyed beauty! Nicole Kidman probably wouldn’t opt for the same sultry dark look Kim K would. You must feel comfortable, and like yourself. Just a perfected, glam version. 




Can you send me some images of the style I want?

Unfortunately after now completing hundreds of weddings and having clients every week, you can imagine my portfolio is huge. I simply wouldn’t have the time or resources to be able to send exact images of a style you describe. There are however hundreds of images across my Instagram, Facebook, and Website for you to browse through.



Do you do hair?

I’m afraid not. I’ve never advertised hair, and although many offer both hair and makeup, I do not. I’m frankly useless! I stick with what I know, and what I am good at. I’d rather be skilled in my chosen passions than a jack of all trades, master of none. I can only achieve a birds nest, and I’m sure that isn’t what you are after haha! I can however recommend SO many incredible hairdressers! 



What hours do you work?

I take Wedding Bookings for any day of the week, and if I don’t have a wedding, then Sundays and Monday’s are my day’s off. I take bookings Tues-Saturday 10-5, and late night Thursdays. I don’t do replies/admin while I’m with clients. When clients and brides have appointments with me, I give them my undivided attention. Everyone gets this same respect, so please understand I can’t and won’t reply during appointments. I do however do admin in-between, and for an hour or two after. In busy times, please expect between 24-48 hours for a reply, on my working days. If you need to book an appointment you can do so online though for an immediate confirmation.



Will an appointment be cheaper if I don’t require primer, false lashes, or other products?

In short, no. My price is a set price, and is based on a number of factors which don’t include my extensive kit. If I did every appointment on the basis of how much or what I used, then there would be so much to consider. People with more troublesome skin will require more product, priming, time and knowledge- and they shouldn’t have to pay more for this. Clients are paying for my level of skill, time, expertise, knowledge and so much more. Also, due to my insurance any false lashes must now be applied by me, at the appointment. I can’t allow clients to take away product they haven’t ‘used’ on the day.

Does the price include free products?

I’m afraid not. Due to the expensive kit I use, I'd have to charge considerably more to include free makeup. Brides do however get a mini lip touchup kit on the day for using throughout for touch-ups.


Do you stay until I get married?

It all depends on the day and timings. I like to arrive nice and early to start Makeups, and if we end up done with Makeup and Touch-ups quite some time before you are due to leave, then I will leave. In the past I’ve ended up waiting for around 2 hours for the Bride to leave, and as much as I love to be a part of every morning, it’s not practical to wait around for such a long period of time. I also have my own little family, so as much as I love spending time with yours- I have a energetic toddler to get back to haha! There are however times where we are done around 30 minutes before schedule, and I’m usually just packing away and leaving as you are. My Makeup lasts around 24hours + on average! I get texts from Brides often eating Breakfast the next day as a ‘Mrs!” With a full face and lashes on still (I do tell them to get it off ASAP, think of the skin Ladies!!). So while its lovely to wait around, it isn’t necessary as your Look Lasts, and you will have the Lippie on hand if needed.

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