Pamper Night

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well!

During this time I’ve been sharing little tasters of products to my stories on social media that I have been loving. And as you’ll all know I like to keep as honest as I possibly can.

It’s so important now more than ever to take some time off. Switch off the news, turn off your phone’s, and have some ‘me’ time. I’m so guilty of neglecting time for me own self-care, so lockdown has given me a chance to sneak a little bit in.

I thought I would share with you some products I’ve been loving for these kind of nights. Products that not only work, but I adore using. Whether its the smell, or the luxury feel, or the lovely results they give!

So have a read through, and add one of two to your next online shopping spree or treat list. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

1. I always start with a Hair Mask, and usually pop this on around an hour before my pamper night starts. Now there’s a lot of Hair Masks I adore, but this one I always go back to. The Balmain Hair Mask. I love this as a mask to do more frequently as its a lot thinner in consistency than other masks. I adore the Olaplex and also Wellaplex (my bff Soph got me onto this one!). But they are intensive treatments I adore doing after using more heat, if I’ve got a special occasion coming up, or before and after a holiday in the sun! The Balmain is more of a weekly-fortnightly treatment. £27.95

2. Next, onto a Body Scrub! This Dove one smells like a DREAM. Imagine a Strawberry Milkshake, but better. The beads aren’t too harsh and abrasive either, so you can really buff this in. This is ONLY to be used on the BODY, NOT the face! I love using a Body Scrub and a Dry Body Brush to help with dry skin, and a Dry Brush is also ideal for Cellulite! Win Win.

3. After a soak in the bath and removing the Hair Mask and Body Scrub, its then time to

H Y D R A T E . I love the Laura Mercier Soufflé’s Body Creme is incredible for this. Not only do they all smell DIVINE, but they’re super hydrating for my skin, and the scent lasts all day. £45

4. Dior Lip Scrub. Another unreal product. Dior Beauty is one of the nicest Luxury Brands I’ve tried, and this Scrub is no different. It helps buff away dead skin on your lips, and is something I love to use both before makeup, and before bed. It smells beautiful, leaves lips polished and smooth, and can be left on too! £28

5. For this next step I apply my facial skincare, and finish with a Facial Oil. (I’ll be posting my Skincare soon!) I then finish with a Lymphatic Massage across my face to help with any puffiness and keep my skin nice and GLOWY. I either use the Gua Sha, or my Million Dollar Ice Globes. Both are dreamy. Top Tip: Keep these in the fridge!

6. This step is optional, but one I love. After an hour or two letting my skincare soak in, ill then use a Tanning Facial Mist if I want a GLOW and Bronzed Look for the next day. The SoSuMe Facial mist is beautiful for this. It leaves an even coverage, and is a very natural sun kissed finish. It also smells like Watermelon, which is a dream! Top Tip: I use a Clean Big Bronzer brush to buff over the skin once I’ve spray this. It makes sure every area of the face is covered evenly! £10.95

7. Mario Badescu Drying lotion, a cult classic. One I’ve been LOVING for years, and is great if you need to spot treat before bed. I love this as a short term solution for a pesky breakout. Ideal if you have a special occasion, or just don’t want a big second head spot staring at you all day! Don’t shake the bottle with this.. Just let the pink solution settle, dip in a clean new Cotton Bud, and Pop the Pink Liquid onto your spot. Let it dry (I sleep with mine on, attractive I know!) and by the morning your spot should have shrank in size, dried out, and not be as inflamed and sore. £16

And there we have it! Some of my favourite night time products for a pamper. Make time for yourself one night this week and tag me in your routines! And if you do have a shopping spree, be sure to tag me in them when they arrive. I love to see you all using your goodies!!

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