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The Bridal Trial

Trial Information:

I wanted to create a little (it will end up big!) Bridal Blog all about TRIALS. As so many of you have so many questions about them. SO, grab a cuppa, here we go;

All trials take place at my Home Salon based in DN17. You’ll receive the full address and details to find us on your Trial Booking Confirmation! It is a private home clinic tucked away, giving us privacy and the best best lighting ever!!

Trials take place Tues, Weds, Thursdays and Fridays and I offer one late night a month. Trials are around 2 hours long, and are where we will discuss the morning itself, plan timings, plan your look, and you can ask me any questions you need to regarding the day itself!

I ask SO much at trials, so please come prepared. I’ll be asking to see plenty of images, so bring lots of inspiration regarding your day itself, your hair and dress, and your makeup look. My Bridal Styles are all so unique to YOU as the Bride. I never approach my work as a one size fits all.

For inspo images; I like REAL. Videos, Images, and Photos from instagram always work best. While Pinterest can often be useful, it often is flooded with over airbrushed images that simply don’t look the same on anyone who isn’t a 7ft Russian Beauty Queen! It’s always best to look through Makeup Artists work you have seen in person, or my own work. Hopefully you have booked me as you love my style- so here is a good place to start. My website, Facebook and instagram pages have 10 years worth of faces to browse through, so find something that you are swayed towards and work from there.

Opt for looks on Bride’s / Bridesmaids who have similar styles to you, similar colour schemes in their day, similar hair colour and style, or even eye colour. There is such a difference between choosing images you simply like the overall feel and look of, rather than the makeup. You may like a picture, but the makeup isn’t something you’d opt for if that makes sense?

Here’s an example.

While these are two gorgeous images, I get shown this at least 3 times a month and some clients describe this as natural, and others as natural glam. 9 times out of 10, they just love the image. And why not? It’s stunning. But on yourself, this may feel very very heavy.

Black Eyeshadow, Glitter/Shimmer Cut Crease, Full False Lashes. Paired with a very full coverage skin, strong contour, highly defined lips, and lots of highlighter. If that is how you’d describe your look you are aiming for then perfect, that's what we aim for!…. But a lot of the time people will want minimal shimmer, skin that looks like skin, a soft wispy pair of lashes, and a glossy natural lip.

Below is a collection of my beautiful clients, who on first meeting described they wanted their makeup to look ‘natural’. All our own individual preferences of natural are so so different. Each Lady felt natural within themselves, and that the makeup hadn’t changed them. But you can see how there are so many different variations; so it’s so important to be specific. I ask lots and lots of questions- and these help me to build an idea of your overall look. But my interpretation, your words, and that opinion of others can have such a different outcome. Hence, photo’s being the best way to really show your stylist and artist what look you really want!

What to bring to your trial;

  • A clean makeup-free face.

  • Between 1-3 clear images of what look we are aiming for. If unsure; please bring at least 1-3 different images, and we can discuss.

  • An image of you day to day, and with special occasion makeup so I can see when you feel your best and what level of makeup you are used to.

  • Images of your Dress, Hair Ideas, Bridesmaids Dresses/Flowers and any Colour Schemes.

  • Details about the venue including parking, room numbers, etc if known.

Skin Prep;

Makeup will only sit as good as the canvas it’s presented with. While I spend a lot of time with skin prep, I can only achieve so much within a set period of time. Please ensure your skin is clean from makeup, and I mean squeaky clean! Not a few layers of mascara, concealer and bronzer clean haha!

EXFOLIATE! Makeup CLINGS to texture. We can cover colour, pigmentation, freckles, scars, the lot. But patchy dry skin will draw in foundation. Exfoliate, moisturise and MOISTURISE! It’s SO important. Your Skin is SO important to how you feel, look, and how makeup works. Prep before your day and appointment is key here.

If you are oily; don’t strip your skin. While it’s tempting to never moisturise, this can often make your skin produce more oil. Use oil-free moisturisers, and ensure your skin is hydrated. Hydrated skin is very different to oily skin.


Decide which option you’d like to go for or discuss with me.. I offer both strip lashes, and individual cluster lashes which last around 24 hours.

Strip Lashes and Individuals HATE LVL Lash Lifts. Your Lash Lift gives too much of a curl, and the lashes will simply not stay put. Remember this for your day also, and remind your bridesmaids. If you have LVL or a Lashlift, you will not be able to get away with any additional lashes unfortunately, as it looks far too obvious and they usually end up pinging off after a few hours of wear.

Individual Lashes fitted by a qualified lash-tech are an amazing option to consider if you are wanting lashes for the build-up, your wedding, and honeymoon. These often last 2-3 weeks and can be infilled and worn for months if looked after. You are best off speaking to a lash tech about this though.


Whether fake tanning, spray tanning, or going au-natural, please try wear something similar for your trial. While I do own body makeup, trying to fix a fake tan accident can be very tricky. Use a product you trust, and have a trial run at home if you need to. Same with a spray tan. They are usually £20-£30, so invest and have a trial. You want it to look perfect on the day of course, so its worth spending on.


Try and attend your trial wearing pale colours; white, champagne, pink. This helps to give a true representation of your makeup look against your skin tone, and a paler outfit than you maybe used to wearing.


I see a lot of Bridal Boutiques often saying to limit who you bring, as too many opinions can often confuse you. And same here with Makeup. While its so important to have everyone love your look; selfies and FaceTime or even popping in for a cuppa after your trial to your friends house is just as good! At your trial I am focussed on you; and only you. This sounds harsh. But in two hours, I want to know every detail about the day, get excited with you, and plan your look. I cannot play hostess to 5 bridesmaids all wanting endless cups of tea top-up’s while also trying to paint your face. I don’t have a receptionist or assistant, so when I’m with you; my attention is purely on you.


Everyone always asks for a Saturday trial, and I get it. But with often 70+ Brides a year, and only a limited number of Saturdays, it becomes a lot. I would never want to rush back after a wedding, sit in traffic, and have to do a full kit clean-down before a busy day of trials. Most weddings require a 3-4am alarm for me, long days, and I want to give you my all. I’m sure you wouldn’t want me rushing away from your Wedding Morning missing your top-ups and not giving you my all just to fit everyone else in, so I give all my brides the same courtesy. When I’m with you; you are my priority.

And finally-


This is part of your Bridal Prep, and a chance to get excited! I ask so many questions that brides often haven’t even thought about, and it gets you so giddy. We have a play around, and create your look. I never have makeup just looking as though its a random piece of a look. It has to marry into your dress, your flowers, your hair, YOU as a bride. We are all so unique and different and I pride myself on my bespoke service. I love to get to know you, make a connection, and plan your day. I’m there at your most nervous, your most vulnerable and emotional moments, and I see it all. You need to feel as though you are with a friend, someone you can trust, and is there for you.

To book your trial if you already haven't (please remember this service is for Bride's already in my diary who have paid a deposit to secure their date) please visit;

Now lets get to planning your dream Bridal Look!

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