I've always been obsessed with skin!

From my early training days in Makeup I would obsess over how I could create a flawless skin, with the products I had to hand. But then I'd see how much clients would love results with Makeup, but wanted better skin without covering it up.

And this is where my passion for skincare and treatments began.

After years of training and perfecting my craft as much as I could, I opened The Blossom Rooms.

A Luxury, Private Skin Clinic & Aesthetics Lounge.


All of my Bride's are able to obtain Complimentary Skin Consultations for us to set a 'plan' in place to give you the Skin you desire for your day. Whether thats just perfecting your routine and ditching the face wipes, or tackling Acne, Scarring and Pigmentation.

My Clinic is open to all, and is appointment only.

So you don't just have to be a Bride to become a client!

We also offer LED Facials, Prohilo, Skin Boosters, Mesotherapy, Sunekos, Dermal Fillers and SO much more.

More information on The Blossom Rooms can be found by visiting our website below:

Glowing Skin is my thing