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Bridal Makeup Training

for Beginners, all the way through to Established Makeup Artists



My one to one Bridal Artistry Lessons are designed with you and your business in mind, to unleash your full potential in the ever growing world of Bridal.


My aim in these sessions is to empower you as the artist, tailored to help you stand out, ignite your passion and creativity, and learn new skills to enable you to watch your business flourish with my tried and tested skills and techniques for not only timeless Bridal Looks, but also a sustainable Business that stands the test of time, and allows me to book 100+ weddings each season, year after year. 



These courses are designed with you, the makeup artist in mind. If any of the below sounds just like you, then these courses can definitely help!

  • You may be feeling a little uninspired, creating the same looks, stuck in a makeup rut and feel like the industry is passing you by?

  • You feel as though you are stuck on what to post, find social media a daunting place at times, and don’t know how your ideal brides can find you.

  • You may get a handful of enquiries, but then suddenly get ‘ghosted’ by brides and wonder what went wrong?

  • You may be new to the Bridal world alltogether and want to establish yourself as a specialist for your future brides

  • Or, you could have been in the industry a long time, but are worried you aren’t up to date with current trends, you can no longer meet the demand of the modern instagrammable bride’s out there, and worry you are being overlooked completely?


Images by Natalie Hamilton Photography

After a long, long time in the Industry, I get it. I think a huge reason why I'm able to offer such informative, in-depth and transparent training is that I've been the Makeup Artist you are today, literally walking in your shoes and struggling my way through it all. 

So, who are the Bridal Artistry Lessons for? 

  • You are needing to refresh your bridal looks, breathe new life into your business, and reignite your passion.

  • You may be needing a new lease of life within your business, a confidence boost and to develop your skills even further than ever before

  • You are wanting to grow as an artist, fill your diary with new bookings from brides you are EXCITED to work with!

  • You are eager to bridge the gap between enquiry, to actually securing ready to book brides in your diary.

  • You are wanting to gain some signature looks under your belt, helping you to feel confident on a wedding morning, feeling secure in your skills and talent

  • You are needing some new kit recommendations, you want to spice up your photography and video skills, and no longer shy away from posting online!



No two courses are the same, and although I do have a set curriculum I will ‘teach’ to my students, each and every artist and their business to so unique; and these sessions will adapt to this. I’ll figure out which way you work best, where you are needing additional support, and allow you to flourish. 




ONE day intensive Bridal Business Booster

For already established Makeup Artists

A ONE day intensive Business Booster day, for already established Bridal Artists who may be struggling with some of the above topics, and wanting to realign their business. No more small business, it's time to level up!

Each of these booster days will differ, as they are completely tailored to you, the bridal artist. However, they will all loosely follow the same structure, in a morning spend with a model to receive a 1-2-1 lesson with Natalie, to fine tune your artistry skills, and gain some incredible content for your website and social media.

Next, your afternoon is time to get to the real work, the nitty-gritty. To pick apart what makes you tick, where you want your business to grow and find your new direction. This will be a launch-pad to take your brand to new heights, and really help you work through the pain points you feel within your business. Whether that's struggling to book your ideal brides, working countless hours but wondering where the profits are going, wanting to book international brides and bigger budget weddings, or maybe even struggling to find brides to begin with? Whatever it is, Natalie will assess this before your day has even began in getting to know you and your business, your goals and direction, and work through this with you on a one to one basis. A true chance to pick the brain of an artist who's been there before, made the mistakes, and ticked off her goals!

TWO day intensive Bridal Training

For beginners all the way through to already established Makeup Artists

A two day experience, whether you are a total beginner to the bridal world, or an already established artists wanting a new perspective. As with all lessons, they are tailored to you, the artists. Before you arrive, Natalie will take the time to discover your needs and requirements, truly understand your business and growth plans, and where you see yourself. Then it's time to get you there!

Day One will be spent purely in the creative zone. Nailing looks that Natalie has been able to perfect over the years-  the looks that have 100's of brides a year booking her, and closing her diary year upon year at full capacity. These are the essentials you need to fill that diary, create a thriving bridal business that works for you, and leave you feeling fulfilled and still creative. No ruts here!

We'll also be focussing here on photo and video work, as in today's world this is what is going to set you apart. We have seen every bridal look out there now, and don't forget, so have your brides at this point. Pinterest and Instagram has us all numb to ideas and imagery, so lets set yours apart, lets give your brand a personality and a tone that has brides excited to book you, eager to save their dates in your diary, and booking months if not years in advance to future proof your brand!

Day Two will be split into two parts; a morning session where you solely complete a Bridal Appointment without the help of Natalie, and full artistry feedback is given, as well as photos and videos of you at work to start promoting your Bridal Business from TODAY! (Side note- past students have posted these images the evening after their course, and secured bridal bookings that night. A matter of hours after finishing!)

The afternoon will purely be business focus. And we cover everything you need; from conducting the perfect bridal trial, pricing and business structure, finding brides and attracting the right client for YOU, as well as Social Media help. Whatever it is from this business session your brand is needing help with, that is what will be adapted to you here, from Natalie.

"3 Day to MUA" - Makeup Artistry Qualification

For Beginner - Intermediate Levels

Three full days, to a Makeup Artist Qualification.

You'll leave fully qualified, and able to gain insurance to become a working Makeup Artist.

My past students here range from complete beginners in the Makeup world, Beauty Therapists in the Industry but wanting to perfect and focus purely on Makeup, all the way through to already qualified Makeup Artists, but their training or experience may have been a long time ago, or left them needing a deeper understanding all together. Being trained by a working, booked makeup artist is worlds apart from a module within a beauty qualification at college; lets face it! 

Here, you'll be working on an average of 6 models, gaining a full qualification, and full photos and video support throughout to start promoting your business and kickstarting your career in the Makeup World!


"Natalie has been a great help with every aspect of improving my social media, always available for help and advice.


Such a friendly and positive experience!"


Bridging a huge gap in the market for quality, in-depth, and honest Bridal Makeup Artistry Training, Natalie delivers her Courses with her students and their future Bride's solely as her focus.

After being in the industry over 11 years, winning multiple awards for her Wedding work, travelling internationally for her Bride's, and completing thousands of Weddings over the course of her career; Natalie now aims to train Bridal Artists both locally within Lincolnshire,

as well as Internationally Online. 

"Due to Natalie’s skill set and renowned ability, there was no other choice but Natalie when it came to improving our skills.


She came into salon and did a group training session after I booked a Bridal Day Training for me and my team.

We discussed products and practical ideas before decided what we would benefit best by learning. It was a fantastic day, every one of us learnt something that really improved our techniques! We’ve had on going support and advice on products prices and advertising! Thank you for all your help."

Get in Touch

Should you require a more bespoke service, such as a Salon Training day where Natalie can come and train a team of artists for your business,

please do get in touch. 

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Which of the courses are you interested in?

Thankyou for your interest, Natalie aims to get back to all enquiries within 24-48 hours. Thankyou. xo

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