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TIK TOK has me in a chokehold!

Hello Angels,

Long time no speak!!!!

I've realised I've really bloody neglected my blog, and so many of you love it, still read it, and ask me when blog posts are going to make a come back.

Haven't times changed since the good old blog days?! So I'm going to make a conscious effort to post more here too, for those of you who still enjoy sitting and reading a blog, with a cuppa. I'm one of them!

So here's my first little post, all about Tik Tok and a little intro to me on it. It's something I really didn't want to give in to- but now I'm there I can say I'm addicted. From pasta recipes, to restaurant recommendations, makeup hauls, to home decor Inspo, I'm honestly hooked and don't see it changing. Like many others, I use it as a search engine, and within seconds I can find so many organic and authentic recommendations and snippets of information. Don't get me wrong, the whole dancing side of it curls my toes and I'll not be doing that anytime soon; but I have started to slowly find my own way there.

I started posting a couple of little snippets of my Hen abroad in Mykonos, and it was mainly my clients and brides who loved seeing it. Then that moved onto little product recommendations and this weekend a come shop with me in M&S, and I've had a really nice response so far. So if you want some makeup dupes, product reviews, and to hear me generally ramble on about utter rubbish, here's the link hahaha

I've a couple more videos saved in my drafts that I'll need a wine for some courage to post, but please let me know what you think to the content so far and any new bits you'd like to see from me.

Speak Soon,

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